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Tinos, 27-31 May 2013

AboutFlow Training


Panagia Evangelistria Church, Tinos

Adjoint-based design optimisation has been an area of very active research in the past years and significant progress has been made, in particular in the aeronautical industry. Recently the EC-funded FlowHead project has developed very successful methods to apply adjoint optimisation for steady flows in general industrial design.

In industrial practice most flows have small levels of instability, such as trailing edge vortex shedding in turbo-machinery. Many industrial applications are also partly or fully unsteady such as bluff body separation in cars. Standard steady-state adjoint methods in this case exhibit a lack of robustness and stability,
The EC-funded project "About Flow", is developing research and providing training on adjoint-based optimisation methods for unsteady fluid flow. Applications of these developments will be ultimately presented for turbomachinery and automotive design with project partners Rolls Royce Plc, Volkswagen AG, and Engys Ltd.

The project will conduct a series of workshops, the first one workshop will cover an introduction to numerical optimisation with adjoint methods, as well as an introduction to continuous adjoint methods.

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