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Adjoint-based Optimisation of Industrial and Unsteady Flows:
Welcome to the AboutFlow Project Website

Sensitivity of drag with respect to surface deformation.
Red: push in, blue: pull out to reduce drag.
Image courtesy of Volkswagen AG

About Flow is an Initial Training Network (ITN) funded by the European Commission running from November 2012 to October 2016. About Flow develops robust gradient-based optimisation methods using adjoint sensitivities for numerical optimisation of flows:

  • robust adjoint solvers with full 2nd Order accuracy and broad range of modelling capability
  • seamless integration of adjoint gradients into design chains
  • steady-state approaches with robust convergence, application of unsteady adjoints in industrial design.

About Flow is funded by the European Commission - Marie Curie Actions

Recent Events:

11th ASMO UK/ISSMO/NOED2016: International Conference on Numerical Optimisation Methods for Engineering Design

Technical University Munich, 18-20 July 2016

Multi-disciplinary and adjoint-based design optimisation methods are providing powerful and systematic model-based processes for the optimisation of increasingly complex engineering systems, including many important examples in the aerospace and automotive industries. An international conference is being organised jointly by ASMO UK/ISSMO, the EU Marie Curie Initial Training Networks About Flow and Amedeo, and supported by the EC-funded projects IODA and Maddog.

The Big Bang London is coming back for a second time in 2015! Marie Curie AboutFlow fellows, Jan Hückelheim, Mateusz Gugala, Siamak Akbarzadeh Lalkami from QMUL and Mattia Oriani, ESI, Paris will take part again in the event on 3 November at Westminster Kingsway College, Kings Cross, London.

Marie Curie fellows deliver at Big Bang in Stanmore

Three Marie Curie AboutFlow fellows, Jan Hückelheim, Mateusz Gugala and Siamak Akbarzadeh Lalkami, recently took part in The Big Bang London Festival at Stanmore College.

Over 30 participants from academia and industry gathered at the Institute of Aeronautics and Applied Mechanics, Warsaw University of Technology & Masuria 21- 26 Jun 2015. The Training was on Mesh generation and adaptation, including practical hands on sessions. Speakers from WUT
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