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Paris, ESI, 8 - 9 October 2015

Two Day Workshop ABOUTFLOW on commercial Software Development

ESI Group, 99 rue des Solets, 94 513 Rungis

CFD code development, and especially the integration of the CFD flow solver with its adjoint variation and other optimisation tools in the CFD workflow are most often large coordinated efforts which make it essential to practice good "software carpentry".

The project is organising a training course on "Adjoint optimisation with commercial adjoint solvers" with particular focus on modern software development techniques:

  • On the design of modern CFD platforms, presented by Sanjay Mathur, ESI Group
  • ISO 9001 Awareness - case of commercial Software Development – presentation of ISO 9001 certification, presented by Henri Malanda, ESI Group

@ Courtesy by ESI Team

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