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School of Engineering and Materials Science, Queen Mary University of London

The School has a very strong research programme in a broad range of engineering disciplines with experimental and numerical projects sponsored by industry, UK bodies and the EC. Queen Mary operates a large-scale high performance computing cluster based on classic multi-core and GPU architectures. variety of commercial and in-house numerical codes. One focus of the School is numerical optimisation for fluid and solid problems.

Dr. Jens-Dominik Müller ( is senior lecturer at QMUL. His research focuses on developing novel algorithms for CFD with a particular emphasis on developing adjoint methods for optimal design. He has extensive experience in organising research projects at UK and EU level. He has been partner in EC FP5 and FP6 grants and is currently coordinating the FP7 project FlowHead.

Dr. Müller is supervising Jan Hückelheim, Mateusz Gugala, Siamak Abkarzadeh

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  • D. Jones, F. Christakopoulos, J.-D. Müller, "Preparation and Assembly of Discrete Adjoint CFD Codes", Computers and Fluids, 46(1), 2011
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