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Engys is a startup (2010) engineering software and systems services company centred around open source CAE tools and networked platforms. Engys currently provides consulting, development and support for OPENFOAM (CFD), DAKOTA (multi-disciplinary optimisation) and Code_Aster (structural analysis) as well as a growing list of optimisation oriented SaaS (software as a service) products. The company is a partner in the the FP7 MAAT project.

Dr Eugene de Villiers ( is co-author of the original OPENFOAM based continuous adjoint solver (2006) and leads the adjoint development efforts at Engys. He holds a Ph.D. in Engineering from Imperial College London and his research areas include DES (detached eddy simulation), CAA (computational aero-acoustics), multi-phase systems, mesh generation and adjoint methods.

  • Othmer, C., De Villiers, E. and Weller, H.G., "Implementation of a continuous adjoint for topology optimisation of ducted flows", Proceedings of the 18th AIAA CFD Conference (AIAA-2007-3947), Miami, 25th June 2007.
  • Islam, M., Decker, F., De Villiers, et al., "Application of detached-eddy simulation for automotive aerodynamics development", Proceeding of the 2009 SAE World Congress (2009-01-0333), Detroit, April 2009.
  • De Villiers, E. and Othmer, C., "Multi-objective adjoint optimisation of intake port geometry", 2012 SAE World Congress (12PFL-0137), Detroit, April 2012.
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